Marketing Minute: What is Email Marketing

Marketing Minute: What is Email Marketing

Jul 29, 2021 | Email Marketing, Marketing Minute

Email Marketing is a form of digital marketing that uses email to promote a business’s products and services by delivering a message directly to the audience’s inbox. This marketing product has come a long way since its humble beginning. Once often labeled as “spam,” it can now be much more personalized and targeted, making it an excellent tactic for reaching both potential and existing customers.

It’s important to note that email campaigns are most effective when sent to individuals that have “opted in”, meaning the message will only be seen by thosewho have chosen to receive these types of communications

The History of Email

2021 marks the 50th anniversary of the first email message ever sent computer to computer using the @ symbol to identify an address.

In 1978, Digital Equipment Corp. sent the first email blast to 400 email addresses promoting computers, resulting in $13 million in sales!

In the beginning, it was mostly used by government and university employees. Email was not widely used by the general public until 1996 when Hotmail launched the first free, web-based email service. Today, 99% of email users check their email daily (often multiple times per day).

Reaching Potential Customers

An audience-targeted email marketing campaign allows businesses to reach potential customers who are most likely to be interested in their offerings. These direct-to-inbox emails can target users based on data like their purchase behavior, hobbies, lifestyle, interests, gender, age, and income. These messages will help build your brand, product, and event awareness to a highly motivated audience with the goal of generating new business.

Staying connected with Existing Customers

Emailing current customers from a well-built email list will help increase retention, repeat business and build relationships with an existing foundation. This type of email marketing can be highly personalized based on information gained about the customer throughout their buying journey.

Welcome Emails – These emails are like giving a new subscriber a virtual handshake and a smile. When someone shares their email information they are confirming their initial or continued interest. This is a pivotal moment for a business to set expectations and start a new brand relationship off on the right foot.

Scheduled Newsletters – This type of email keeps subscribers in the loop about the latest things happening within your business such as brand updates, industry insights, product news, or even highlighting recent customer reviews.

Education – You can establish trust with your customer base by demonstrating that you are the go-to source for industry knowledge and helpful tips.

Special Occasions – Connecting with customers on their birthday, anniversary, or holiday is one way to bring a personal touch to this communication channel.

Exclusive Offers and Discounts – Past customers can be enticed to become loyal, repeat customers with deals offered to them based on their history with your business.

Lead Nurturing – With an ongoing email campaign, businesses can nurture leads by providing valuable information at every stage of the customer’s journey.

No matter the message, it is always important for businesses to add value to the customer experience while staying consistent with their brand.

Our team at Wisconn Valley Media Group is ready to help you decide if email marketing or another digital tactic is a good choice to achieve your marketing goals. If you are interested in learning more about this tactic, contact Craig Grove at or 262-656-6248.

What People Are Saying About Us

"For the last three years, we have used Wisconn Valley Media Group for our digital marketing for Elkhorn Ribfest and the Walworth County Fair. This included a wide variety of placements, including video pre-roll, digital outdoor, and targeted display, to name a few. The results have been wonderful and measurable. The service from our representatives has been very attentive and flexible. We plan to continue using Wisconn Valley for years to come."

- Larry Gaffey, General Manager - Walworth County Fair

"Wisconn Valley Media Group  is my main source for advertising. I appreciate Sarah, my advertising representative, for keeping an eye out for opportunities for my business to stand out. Selective Hearing Centers is grateful to the Wisconn Valley Media Group and its impact in our community."

- Jeff Johnston, BC-HIS, President, Selective Hearing Centers

"I have worked with Rob, and most recently, Rochellie, for the last several years on advertising and this company is by far one of the most diligent that I have ever worked with. They are in constant contact with you to ensure that all graphics, information and so on are exactly what we are looking for. They go above and beyond, not only working business hours but on weekends if I need a change or have a question. I would highly recommend Rob and his team for your advertising!"

- Mysti Haager - Best Bargains, Inc.

"When our practice made the decision to invest into our marketing, we were unsure of the risks we could be taking. Choosing Wisconn Valley Media Group to lead us into the digital world gave us the confidence we needed to run a successful marketing and advertising campaign. Robert and Sarah are exceptionally knowledgeable on the industry and strategic in their campaign strategies. We were able to see optimal results in a short period of time and began to understand what works best with our company. The utilization of data collection through Amplified Digital also solidified the assurance we had with running our first campaign. We’re excited to see the future potentials for continuing with Wisconn Valley Media Group."

-Will Vargas, Care Animal Hospital

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