Your Event Marketing and Promotion Experts

Your Event Marketing and Promotion Experts

Oct 15, 2021 | Event Marketing

Draw more attendees to your fair or other event with Wisconn Valley Media Group – one of the nation’s fastest growing event marketing agencies!

At Wisconn Valley Media we use actionable data to digitally market your event…. And this isn’t our first rodeo! We’ve created custom digital campaigns for events including the Walworth County Fair, Rock County Fair, Lake Geneva Bacon Fest, and Lake Geneva Taco Fest.

How does it work?

When you’re ready to start marketing your event, our experts will first meet with you to learn more about your event, your goals for your marketing, what audience you’d like to reach, and what budget you’re looking to spend.

We then take this information and assemble our ideas and some options for your marketing campaign. When we present our concepts to you and your team, we want it to be a conversation! Ultimately the campaign is for you, your business, and your event, so we’ll work with you to build a campaign using tactics you’re comfortable with and excited about.

I’m ready to commit! Now what?

Once we get the tactics finalized, our team of award-winning designers will create your ads and other campaign elements. These ads are created using your branding, photos, colors, and any other elements typically seen with your event to remain consistent with any other marketing efforts you have in place.

Do you have your own team of designers? That’s great! We can also provide you with the specs for your campaign elements so your team can build everything out internally.

Sample digital display ads for Rock County Fair 2021   

Campaign Reporting and Data

Once your campaign is up and running, that’s not the end of it! We’re able to pull reporting on how the campaign is performing in real-time. That gives us the ability to make changes on the fly if we see something isn’t working, or if something is working extraordinarily well.

Our reporting gives us an extra advantage to be able to make the most of your budget. We’ll help you spend your marketing dollars where they are showing to get the best return.

After the Event

The fun doesn’t stop after your event has taken place!

Our team will provide you with detailed reporting on how your campaign performed, how it compared to industry standards and benchmarks, and how it translated to event attendees. We’re also able to run reports showing approximately how many attendees were at your event throughout the day(s), where they came from and where they went after the event.

After-Event Campaign Report

Are you ready to take action? Contact us today to learn more about building a custom campaign through Wisconn Valley Media Group to promote your event, fair, and more today.

What People Are Saying About Us

"Wisconn Valley Media Group  is my main source for advertising. I appreciate Sarah, my advertising representative, for keeping an eye out for opportunities for my business to stand out. Selective Hearing Centers is grateful to the Wisconn Valley Media Group and its impact in our community."

- Jeff Johnston, BC-HIS, President, Selective Hearing Centers

"I have worked with Rob, and most recently, Rochellie, for the last several years on advertising and this company is by far one of the most diligent that I have ever worked with. They are in constant contact with you to ensure that all graphics, information and so on are exactly what we are looking for. They go above and beyond, not only working business hours but on weekends if I need a change or have a question. I would highly recommend Rob and his team for your advertising!"

- Mysti Haager - Best Bargains, Inc.

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